Privacy Policy

As you would expect we have a very strict privacy policy in place on the website that is one of the most popular of all snow travel blogs. However, please do take a few minutes reading through our privacy policy as by doing so you will discover how we operate this website and any additional information that you do need to be aware of.

Information We Gather – We use statistical data software on our server and as such when you visit this website we will gather information from you such as the country where you visited this website from, the type of device you used and what pages of this site you visited. You will also need to supply us with some basic information when you sign up to our newsletter or register as user of this website. Information supplied is stored securely at all times.

How We Use Your Information – We will be gathering information from you to help us improve this website as you look around it. Your web browser will tell our service the country you are visiting this site from, the web browser types and also what computer or mobile devices operating system you are using to visit this website from.

Cookies –As with all websites we will be placing a cookie onto your computer when you visit this website and that cookie will stay on your computer until such a time as you remove it of it gets updated on any additional visit to this site you make. That cookies will not however identify you personally.

Third Party Websites – You will find that we have chosen to present to you a range of third party websites that we think may be of interest to your throughout this site, those links may be text links, image links or banner links. Be aware that at no time can we be responsible for any content found on those websites as they are not operated by us.