Snow Holidays in France

Snow filled winter holidays in France

One of the biggest reasons for France holidays being such a draw with the tourists is the wide variety of both natural and urban attractions. The country has mountain ranges in the Alps and the Pyrenees and coastlines such as in Brittany or that of the Mediterranean Sea. Most French cities have a rich cultural and historical heritage. France is resplendent with magnificent châteaux like Versailles and vineyards.

Skiing holidays in France are exceptionally popular amongst those from across Europe and the United Kingdom. This is largely due to the ease of access to the various skiing regions and options when it comes to the various French skiing regions. The fact that the country has wholly embraced their skiing and tourism markets serves to ensure that any skiing holidays in France are extremely enjoyable too.

One of the greatest offerings provided in France for the avid snow lover is that of the Paradiski ski area, with this region offering a variety of runs for the beginner, intermediate and expert levels of skiing expertise. Located within the Tarentaise Valley, this region forms a link between Les Arcs, La Plagne and Peisey-Vallandry. The Tarentaise Valley itself is located in the Savoy region of France, in the heart of the Alps, and which is located in the South East of France geographically speaking.

Each destination mentioned, being that of Les Arcs, La Plagne and Peisey-Vallandry offers a wide variety of choices for any skiing holidays in France, and of course with the increased interest in snowboarding, there are a wide variety of snow parks and options available too. Les Arcs provides access to four high altitude resorts, and in terms of runs has 20 beginner, 195 intermediate and 27 expert or advanced runs available. This runs are accessible via the 171 ski lifts within the immediate vicinity. The area of Peisey-Vallandry is included in terms of ski runs, and actually by the nature of its geographical location, being the centre of the Paradiski region serves as the connecting ‘hub’ between Les Arcs and La Plagne.

La Plagne itself offers no less than 6 high altitude resorts, as well as access to the four alpine villages within this premier skiing area. One of this regions claim to fame is that it boasts access to an Olympic bobsleigh run, which is open to anyone who may be keen on this type of concept and activity. For the purposes of skiing holidays in France, skiers can access anyone of the 244 runs, via the 139 ski lifts available. From an expertise perspective the levels of difficulty in terms of beginner, intermediate and advanced are 20, 195 and 29 respectively.

Within the development and promotion of the Paradiski region, the Vanoise Express came into commission in 2003, essentially marking the creation of the Paradiski region. The operation in terms of the region itself is vital in so far as offering tourists, visitors and skiers the maximum benefits provided when visiting Paradiski as an option when it comes to skiing holidays in France.

France certainly has a wide variety of options when it comes to these types of holidays, however the fact that the French continue to developed and build upon their already excellent infrastructure allows for a continually improving tourist experience within the various offerings across the Alps.

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