Preparing for the ultimate ski vacation

Preparing for the ultimate ski vacation

How to prepare for your ski vacation

So, you’ve booked a ski vacation. (Maybe using our detailed guide to the top ski destinations in Europe!) Now you want to know – how exactly do I get prepared for my ultimate winter vacation? Don’t worry, we have a guide from start to finish to walk you through what you need to know.

  1. Avoid flying with skis or snowboards

5 tips to plan your ski vacationThere is nothing worse than getting to your destination, opening up your ski bag, and seeing them snapped in half. Look, baggage handlers aren’t purposefully trying to destroy your skis. But when they are pinched for time and trying to get the airplane in the air, you better believe your ski bag is getting chucked like a side of beef. While there is nothing better than having
the perfect pair of skis that fit you like a glove and that you are used to, save yourself the extreme frustration of having to deal with broken skis and crossing your fingers that you will get reimbursed from the airline. Are you 100% commited to bringing your skiis on board? We recommend reading the official British Airways guide to packing sporting equipment.

  1. Make a list, and check it twice

We have tips, but it’s you who knows exactly which pair of socks you want to bring to keep your toes warm. Start your packing by making a list of everything you need, and check it twice to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything. Quick tip: when going to a wintery destination, it might totally slip your mind to bring swim trunks for the hot tub!

If you are travelling with friends of family, compare lists and see if they have put down anything you missed. Two heads are better than one, and three are better than two.

  1. Renting skis? Do it the day before

You’ve just gotten up to the mountain, and you’re probably tired from the travel. Most likely, you want to get in some hot cocoa and sit in front of the fire. You’ll thank yourself tomorrow if you rent your skis the day before you ski. There is nothing more annoying than being in full gear at the start of a ski day in a packed equipment shop, sweating as you navigate through the crowd and miss out on the best early morning skiing while the powder is still fresh.

  1. Grab yourself some energy food

Some people think skiing is a breezy, relaxing coast down the mountain. If you’re carving in powder or navigating moguls, your legs are going to be on fire. Burning through the calories means that if you want energy, you need to eat for success. Water is key, and simple, easy to digest foods such as high protein granola bars will keep you full of energy. At lunchtime, stay away from greasy foods that will slow you down in the afternoon snow.

  1. Make sure you have the right insurance

If you’re taking a ski vacation, it might completely slip your mind that you may need special ski travel insurance. If you are doing a high risk sport, which most insurers consider skiing to be, getting injured on the slopes could be just the start of your worries. Airlifting you from the mountain can be a massive bill in the hundreds of thousands when you include the hospital bills, and you do not want to be left bankrupt with a broken leg. Do yourself a favour and make sure you have the necessary insurance.

We hope that these five tips have been helpful! We hope you have great weather on the slopes, and enjoy some incredible skiing on your holiday.

Top ski destinations in Europe

Top ski destinations in Europe

Where to ski in Europe

The European continent has a lot to offer in winter sports, and skiing in particular. If you want to enjoy skiing at its best, you should make skiing holiday to any of the top skiing European nations. Ski resorts are scattered throughout the continent starting from the mainland where you will find it extremely hard to make a selection of the top destinations to visit.

If you visit mainland Europe, you can pick a destination in France, Switzerland, Austria, as well as Andorra and several others. France is the destination for skiing tourists coming to Europe. Skiing is a wonderful experience in the country, because the French people are exceptional when it comes to quality vacation. France is the ideal because it offers the most beautiful scenery, as well as wonderful natural resources, and that is why they rank top in Europe. When you come to France, you will remember such destinations as Courchevel resort. This is the world number one because it could offer at least four different ski resorts within one place. Another great destination is L’Alpe d’Huez. This is a mixture of quality and affordability. You can get what you want when you to come this skiing resort.

If you want to enjoy skiing in Europe, you can plan a trip to Italy. Italy offers a lot. Many people come to Italy because it provides the cheaper alternative to ski. The country has different ski resort centers such as the Alba resort. Italy is notable all over Europe for its rich culture and good weather. You can always take a break to Italy and experience the best skiing activities in Europe.

If you cannot make it to Italy, you can make it to its neighbor in Croatia. Croatia is regarded as the rising European nation, because of the affordable cost of living. Many tourists come to Croatia because they are going to derive maximum value for their money. The country can boast of world class ski resorts. It is the most affordable destination and things are made easier by prevailing cheap labor in the country. It is not surprising that Croatia is becoming the most popular choice for ski tourists.

You cannot talk of skiing in Europe without remembering Alphine. Many ski tourists will always ask for Alphine. This brings us to the home of skiing in Europe, which is Austria. When you want a perfect skiing destination that offers everything you want, you have to think of Austria. Austria offers first class ski services in Europe.

Switzerland is another great European nation you will easily remember when you want the best European ski tour. If you want to become part of the Alps experience, you should head to Switzerland. Swiss ski experience is always amazing.

If you are searching for the perfect place to spend your vacation, skiing in Europe could be the best option for you. You are guaranteed some of the best ski resorts in any part of the continent. You will be amazed at what you get. Even if you are on a budget, you are going to get the most thrilling skiing experience of your lifetime.

Snow Holidays in France

Snow Holidays in France

Snow filled winter holidays in France

One of the biggest reasons for France holidays being such a draw with the tourists is the wide variety of both natural and urban attractions. The country has mountain ranges in the Alps and the Pyrenees and coastlines such as in Brittany or that of the Mediterranean Sea. Most French cities have a rich cultural and historical heritage. France is resplendent with magnificent châteaux like Versailles and vineyards.

Skiing holidays in France are exceptionally popular amongst those from across Europe and the United Kingdom. This is largely due to the ease of access to the various skiing regions and options when it comes to the various French skiing regions. The fact that the country has wholly embraced their skiing and tourism markets serves to ensure that any skiing holidays in France are extremely enjoyable too.

One of the greatest offerings provided in France for the avid snow lover is that of the Paradiski ski area, with this region offering a variety of runs for the beginner, intermediate and expert levels of skiing expertise. Located within the Tarentaise Valley, this region forms a link between Les Arcs, La Plagne and Peisey-Vallandry. The Tarentaise Valley itself is located in the Savoy region of France, in the heart of the Alps, and which is located in the South East of France geographically speaking.

Each destination mentioned, being that of Les Arcs, La Plagne and Peisey-Vallandry offers a wide variety of choices for any skiing holidays in France, and of course with the increased interest in snowboarding, there are a wide variety of snow parks and options available too. Les Arcs provides access to four high altitude resorts, and in terms of runs has 20 beginner, 195 intermediate and 27 expert or advanced runs available. This runs are accessible via the 171 ski lifts within the immediate vicinity. The area of Peisey-Vallandry is included in terms of ski runs, and actually by the nature of its geographical location, being the centre of the Paradiski region serves as the connecting ‘hub’ between Les Arcs and La Plagne.

La Plagne itself offers no less than 6 high altitude resorts, as well as access to the four alpine villages within this premier skiing area. One of this regions claim to fame is that it boasts access to an Olympic bobsleigh run, which is open to anyone who may be keen on this type of concept and activity. For the purposes of skiing holidays in France, skiers can access anyone of the 244 runs, via the 139 ski lifts available. From an expertise perspective the levels of difficulty in terms of beginner, intermediate and advanced are 20, 195 and 29 respectively.

Within the development and promotion of the Paradiski region, the Vanoise Express came into commission in 2003, essentially marking the creation of the Paradiski region. The operation in terms of the region itself is vital in so far as offering tourists, visitors and skiers the maximum benefits provided when visiting Paradiski as an option when it comes to skiing holidays in France.

France certainly has a wide variety of options when it comes to these types of holidays, however the fact that the French continue to developed and build upon their already excellent infrastructure allows for a continually improving tourist experience within the various offerings across the Alps.

Indoor Skiing UK

Indoor Skiing UK

Skiing is rapidly becoming a popular pastime among all kinds of people in the UK, however travelling abroad to take advantage of the slopes in far flung destinations like France, Switzerland and Austria can be too expensive for many. The cost of travel to these ski resorts, plus the added expense of accommodation, ski passes and of course the famous apres-ski mounts up, and for many families, the experience may be out of reach. Luckily, UK skiers do not have to journey abroad to get some experience on the slopes as there are many indoor skiing locations for them to visit in their home country. There is no better way to develop your skills and to have fun than in an indoor skiing centre.

Where Can I Ski Indoors In The UK?

There are dry ski slopes located all over the country. In fact, no matter where you are located in Britain, you are sure to find an indoor ski slope close to where you live. The Ski Club UK website ( provides a helpful map so that you can easily locate your nearest indoor ski centre and get started. The majority of these centres offer lessons for beginners and more advanced skiers and some even host special events such as tournaments, race days and freestyle events. Some centres are really huge and offer more than one slope – often with a dedicated one for beginners to learn on, equipment hire and even other snow-related activities such as sledging, snowboarding or ice sliding.

What Do I Need To Know About Indoor Skiing?

Indoor skiing is a great way to prepare yourself for a skiing holiday abroad, or for learning the basic skills such as stopping and turning. There are two main types of surface used for dry indoor slopes, one of which is Dendix and the other being Snowflex. Of these, the oldest is Dendix – a covering made from plastic bristles that has diamond shaped holes in the centre. Snowflex is newer and is made from a similar plastic substance, the big difference being that it has no holes in it. This makes it less painful to fall on. Some indoor ski centres even use real snow as a covering for their slopes. Every day, they deposit up to 1700 tonnes of snow on their indoor slopes, and these are the closest possible experience to real slope skiing.

What Is The Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Skiing?

One of the biggest differences between skiing indoors as opposed to outdoors is the lack of harsh conditions such as strong winds or snow. If you are skiing on a traditional dry ski slope as opposed to one of the newer snow covered indoor centres, you will find that you have less grip on the slope and may find that you move more quickly. You will also find falling over much more painful on a traditional Dendix surface. Another disadvantage of learning to ski on an indoor slope is the lack of space, with less room to spread out, which can prove challenging especially to those who are new to the sport and are unsed to avoided other skiers. That said, you are protected from the sometimes dangerous conditions that you will find on a real mountain.